mardi 11 octobre 2011

Kimstumpf printemps été 2012, collection Black Emmanuelle

photographies : Aljocha Hamerlynck, Robert Van Dromme
Kim Stumpf s'est inspirée pour cette collection été 2012 du film Black Emmanuelle (1975) et de la sensualité féminine. La créatrice expérimente la maille et le crochet avec différentes fibres pour un résultat souple et doux comme une seconde peau. La sensualité, la douceur, la nature, les pigments naturels et le toucher sont les sources d'inspiration de la créatrice.

Communiqué de Kim Stumpf :
"THE STORY BEHIND THE S/S COLLECTION is about an adventurous woman who explores her sensuality. She fully embraces life and feels a bond with nature. Natural powder pigments like sand, terracotta red, saffron orange, butter white, cipria rose/blush and lamp black caress her body. The imaginary woman she creates for is heroic and gracious. She differentiates herself as a strong person.
THE EXCLUSIVE KNITWEAR COLLECTION. Experimentally knotted silk boleros, scarves/ stoles and dresses to drape over the body. Cardigans in mercerised crocheted cotton. All made with Italian yarn and knitted in Belgium using artisanal methods.
THE WOVEN COLLECTION "COAT IS KING". Linen perfectos/ trench-coats, suede jackets, Indian embroidered silk blazers, rain capes and ecological printed bamboo dresses.
KIM STUMPF graduated at La Cambre in 2007. She gained experience at Haider Ackermann, Bruno Pieters, Vivienne Westwood and visual artist Hans Op de Beeck. She designs pieces in a very special way, using her personal "automatic drawing" technique.
It's an abstract geometric form she draws on a small scale which she enlarges on realistic format to become a new pattern concept which leads to a free interpretation on pattern research.
Luxurious fabrics evoke a second skin feeling. It's a pure and timeless design with sustainability and high quality Belgian craftmanship. Those are elements that describe the soul behind the label. The result is a sophisticated collection."

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