mardi 12 janvier 2010


Le prochain magazine Sang Bleu V sur la culture underground tattoo, fetish, artistique, etc... sortira au mois de février. J'ai déjà hâte de feuilleter les 616 pages de ce magazine toujours plus imposant et étonnant à chaque numéro. Voilà un magazine qui ne tourne pas en rond et se renouvèle profondément à chaque fois. La direction artistique toujours impeccable est menée par Maxime Buechi (directeur artistique, tatoueur et typographe de talent). Ses goûts et sa sensibilité pour cette culture définissent directement le contenu du magazine c'est pourquoi Sang Bleu est un magazine original et personnel. Sang Bleu, c'est le sang de Maxime, son originalité et sa distinction.

extrait du blog Sang Bleu Magazine :

what we do
December 31, 2009
by Maxime Buechi
making SB

For more than 10 days now we have been literally trapped in our studio, working all of our awake-hours. 616 pages to lay out is a serious amount as you can guess. Add to that the fact that I have been making hardly any kind of graphic design in the past year as the production work took most of my time. It means that within a month and a half since we started working on the layout, I had very little brain space and time available to post here. And it will be like this till the 7th, day on which we will deliver the files to the printer.

In the meanwhile I count on those of the SB crew who find themselves less busy to keep this blog alive. And, jsut for the hell of it, here is the 20th version of the cover… Which will change until the very last hour, I guess…


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