jeudi 14 mars 2013

Alexander Mc Queen, collection automne hiver 2013

Photographies prises par les équipes de la maison Mc Queen pendant les coulisses du défilé.
Collection hiver 2013
Quelques photographies de l'incroyable dernière collection Alexander Mc Queen. Sarah Burton propose une garde robe ecclésiastique ultra sophistiquée en réinterprétant les crinolines, corsets et autres fraises. La luxuriance des broderies semées de perles est de toute merveille.

"THE ECCLESIASTICAL WARDROBE, FROM COMMUNION GOWNS TO CARDINALS’ ROBES. THE HIGH CHURCH. NUNS, POPES, ANGELS. BALLETS RUSSES. VIRGIN QUEEN. The collection comprises ten looks, presented in pairs. The waist is cinched and the hips are exaggerated throughout. Volumes are overblown but lightness is paramount. Hyper-worked embellishment demonstrates an obsessive attention to detail – and detail within detail. Sharp pressing, multiple folds, quintuple and dégrade pleats, soutache embroidery, triple bulleting, silk and metal thread embroideries, enamelled flowers and more all feature. Rhombic grids lend a sense of graphic modernity to surfaces. Pearls and teardrop pearls evoke beauty and rarity. Hoop skirts, caging and corsetry enhance and idealize a quintessentially feminine silhouette and introduce an erotic undercurrent further suggested by stockings, suspender belts and harnessing. Each look is worn with an embellished ruff: faces are framed."

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