jeudi 4 octobre 2012

Katrien Van Hecke & Ingrid Verhoeven été 2013

à gauche la maman de Katrien porte la collection hiver 2011 (inspirée par Basquiat), au milieu Katrien porte la collection "Rust" été 2012 (avec de la rouille insérée dans le tissu) et à droite Ingrid porte son collier de la collection "Cloud"
L'une crée des vêtements, l'autre des bijoux, Katrien Van Hecke et Ingrid Verhoeven sont des créatrices belges mélangeant design et art. Leur processus de création ressemble à celui de plasticiennes et donne lieu à la réalisation de pièces uniques.

Ingrid Verhoeven a réalisé la collection Cloud à travers laquelle elle retranscrit dans des bijoux en argent et en papier l'univers des artistes, sculpteurs ou architectes qui l'inspirent (Isamu Noguchi, Eduardo Chillida, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, George Vantongerloo, Alexander Calder, Josef Hoffmann, Ettore Sottsass, Eileen Gray, le Corbusier, Gerrit Rietveld, Josef Albers, Egon Schiele,  Kandinsky et Matisse).

communiqué de presse :
Ingrid Verhoeven has translated her favorite modernistic paintings and her aspirations to experiment with unusual materials into a new line of jewellery: the CLOUD collection. In her design she has worked with paper and precious metals (paper-thin silver), thus creating a particular style and atmosphere. The result is light in weight and structure. 
I felt the urge to make necklaces but didn’t just want to make a pendant on a chain as you mostly see in the designs of colliers. I like my work to be more graphical. My examples I find in the arts, not so much in other jewellery. A year ago I found a book about Alchimia (Italian design, from the Eighties). This book shows images of cupboards from around 1940 that were repainted with paintings of Kandinsky. It was a first step to the development of the crazy furniture of -for example- Sottsass. This step -from Modernism to the Eighties design- really interested me. I wanted to do the same thing. Translate the feel of the arts to my own work. I have files at home with images of my favourite artists. I like for instance the work of a lot of sculptors; Isamu Noguchi, Eduardo Chillida, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, George Vantongerloo, Alexander Calder. I love Constructivism and also like architects like Josef Hoffmann, Ettore Sottsass, Eileen Gray, le Corbusier, Gerrit Rietveld. And then the painters! Josef Albers, Egon Schiele (his colours!), Kandinsky, and the cut outs of Matisse. I can go on forever, the list is long. In the first cloud collection the main example was Kandinsky, in the second cloud collection I realise that there is a hint of Eileen Gray in my silver pieces.

Katrien Van Hecke a travaillé avec des épices et des pigments sur la soie pour réaliser des impressions uniques.
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